Full Scope Falling
tree serviceS Ltd.

Full Scope Falling offers a wide range of services for

both commercial and residential clients:

  1. Modern tree pruning methods including crown

  cleaning, thinning & raising

  1. Vista and spiral pruning

  2. Wind-firming

  3. Hazardous Tree Assessment

• Partial / Complete Tree Removal

• Full clean-up / Chipping

  1. Emergency Service

  2. On-site milling

Your site is assessed for the fastest and safest way for the tree to be processed. In some cases its felled outright, and in others it is pieced down by hand. We offer free estimates, and a seniors’ discount.

Trees add beauty and value to your property, but they also require maintenance to keep them healthy and protect the rest of your property. Full Scope's portable mill gives you the option to keep that value by turning suitable trees into lumber — right on site.

Whether you require preventative or aesthetic trimming, Full Scope Falling’s experienced, insured professionals guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Clearing Stan’s trees on Texada Island...
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